Sewing Goals

Rather than posting the traditional “New Year, New Goals” post that most bloggers are familiar with, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire page to my sewing goals. This way, my fabulous readers can see what I wanted to accomplish, while seeing what my past goals were as well as when and how I accomplished them.

  • Sewing Room Makeover (added Jan 2015) - I am fortunate enough to have a room that I can use exclusively for sewing. Unfortunately it looks like a bomb went off in it.
  • Me Made Work Wardrobe (added Jan 2015) - I want at least 5 days worth of different work appropriate outfits for Spring/Summer and 5 days for Fall/Winter.
    • (completed May 2015) - I now have 5 days of work outfits for a spring/summer work wardrobe that I wore the first week of Me Made May.
  • Learn to sew with Faux Leather (added Jan 2015) - I have tons of faux leather that I got for free from work. I need to learn how to use it and make some seriously bad-ass pieces with it.
  • Stash Busting (added Jan 2015) - In addition to the faux leather, I have tons of fabric samples from work that I need to use as accents or for small projects. They take up way too much space.
  • Sew at least 5 Indie Patterns (added Jan 2015) - I have never purchased an Indie Pattern. I want some. I want to make them. Until I started participating in the online sewing community, I had no idea there were so many out there!
  • Pajamas as a Thing of Beauty (added Jan 2015) - I want beautiful pajamas. I want lots of them. I want to bring back the luxurious night wear of years past and enjoy the silky, satiny, ruffled beauties. I intend for this to be a series of posts, the first of which should be up soon.
  • Participate in at least 6 Monthly Challenges (added Jan 2015) - Monthly Challenges from other bloggers are a great way to find something to focus on when I don't know what to sew next.
    • Challenge 1 - G33k Out Challenge from The Monthly Stitch completed with the Celestial Beauty Dress (completed Jan 2015)
    • Challenge 2 - Put A Bird On It from The Monthly Stitch completed with the Pretty Bird Dress (completed April 2015)
  • Sew a great pair of pants (added Jan 2015) - Pants, ugh.
  • Master the features on my Serger (added Jan 2015) - I got my serger in late November 2014 and I'm not quite sure how to do much more than the basic 4-thread.
  • Sew 10 Knit Pieces (added Jan 2015) - Now that I have a serger, knits are a fabulous new world for me.
  • Participate in "Me Made May" (added Jan 2015 - completed May 2015)) - 30 days of Me Made outfits. I can do this, really!
    • I wore my creations for 28 days of May. I may have missed a few days, but I consider it a huge success.
  • Finish 3 UFO's (unfinished objects) (added Feb 2015) - The UFO's have taken over my sewing room, so I've issued the sewing challenge Sew Finished February.Even if they're finished later, it's still important to finish them. Better late than never!

That's all I have for the moment. Check back on this page to see what I've accomplished and what new goals I've added.

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